Montessori Gobbi Mobile

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Montessori Gobbi Mobile - 2.5cm is backordered and will be shipped in 3-4 weeks.

Gobbi mobile is a quintessential development toy for infants. When newborns turn 8-10 weeks old, their vision has developed enough that they are able to perceive the difference between shades of colour. Its the perfect time to introduce Gobbi mobile with multiple proven benefits:

  • It develops their eyesight with age-appropriate stimulus
  • It strengthens the muscles in the eyes, neck, arms and even core muscles
  • Binocularity – the two eyes working together
  • Dynamic visual tracking – being able to follow a moving object
  • Refining the chromatic sense
  • Visual discrimination – being able to distinguish between the different shades of the same colour
  • Encourages switching their gaze between objects
  • By offering images that babies find extremely attractive, it encourages focus and concentration, starting the foundation for their cognitive development

Crochet toys:

Handwash instructions (preferred): Soak the toy in water, at room temperature. Gently rub it with soap for some time. Lay flat to dry.

Machine wash instructions: Put the toy in a pillow case. Use cold water to wash. Wash the toy at gentle settings. Do not tumble dry.

Please do not wring or hang the toy. It can distort its shape.

Wooden part of teether: Wipe it with damp cloth.

Wooden toys:

Wipe with damp cloth. Do not drop from a height.

If cared well, there toys will last for a very long time.