FAQ/ Customer Service

1. Are all your products handmade?

Yes. Currently, all our products are handmade by artists across the country. Most of them are based in Haryana. The artists (mostly women) are trained by us and create in comfort of their homes with no set hours so that they can be gainfully employed and attend to their daily chores.

2. Are the toys safe for infants?

All crochet toys are made from 100% cotton yarn that is Oeko-Tex certified (Standard 100). The certification means that the yarn has been tested to be safe for infants. The wooden parts in teethers are made from beech wood buffed with edible oil.Β 

3. Do you customise?

Yes we do customise. Please share your requirements at shveta@marama.in and we take explore the customisations further. Kindly note that depending on the request, we may take 4-10 weeks to deliver the customised order.

4. How long do you take to ship products?

That depends on whether the product is in stock or not. If it is, we will dispatch within 5 working days. If its not in stock, we can accept preorders and will communicate the timeline for dispatch at the time of order.

5. What does the packaging look like?

The crochet toys and knits come in cotton sacks made by underprivileged women. The blankets come in handmade and had embroidered bags. The cane rattles are wrapped in sustainable bubble wraps. We try to use as less packaging as possible.

6. Do you have options for gift boxes?

We are working on gift boxes and will be launched soon. Please follow us on instagram to stay updated.

7. Do you offer COD/pay on delivery?

We believe that COD is not a sustainable practice given the unnecessary to and fro for logistics. Additionally, we are a low inventory business and hence CODs and returns make inventory management challenging adding to the costs unnecessarily.

8. Do you offer free shipping?

Currently we offer free shipping for orders over Rs 5000 within India.

9. What are your contact details?

We are reachable via shveta@marama.in or WhatsApp at +91 9034692810. Please note that the phone no is a WhatsApp only no.