Mindful growing up

Mindful growing up

Products backed by Child Science and design for a great growing up experience for your kids

Kids learn through their environment

Its been proven that kids learn better by observing the environment versus direct education. With that in mind, our endeavor is to manufacture products that help create a condusive development atmosphere around them. The products are meant to help kids explore on their own, increase curosity and work with their natural sense of wonder. At MARAMA, we believe that if we surround kids with a few but quality things, their natural urge to learn about things in an uncluttered, noiseless environment will take over and enhance their learning experiences. We work with professional designers, child psychologists, educators and artists to design our products.

Non-linear learning

We grew up in an era where all kids went throught the same, linear education process. We were not supposed to jump to step 2 without doing step 1. This was most likely an overhang of industrialisation where even the learning process was industrialised. Research and common sense says that kids dont necessarily learn in a linear manner. If you put kids of different ages in the same room, they will all learn something from each other irrespective to their age. At MARAMA, we dont label our products with age (unless its a safety concern). Kids of various ages can play with our toys differently. They also re-visit them and play in a different manner with the toy depending on how they are feelings at that particular moment.

Inspired by art

Art has many dimensions that allows for varied neuron connections to happen. Its no secret that most of the scientists were artists too. Creativity is directly linked to development of out of box thinking, a skill that scores better in life than most other skills. At MARAMA, we take inspiration from art and design our products with a creative bent of mind. This is so that we inculacate those exciting elements that your kids will love exploring and unwinding.


Being sustainable is no longer a woke thing to do. It is the necessity. When we design products, we design them with a sustainabiity lens with respect to use of materials, production process, wastage and fair wages. Sustainability for us is not a selling point, its just how we have decided to operate. Afterall, its our responsibilty to leave the world in a better position than how we got it. Hope we are able to demonstrate to our kids how to do that in the process.

Pillars of Marama


Sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We aim to be gentle on environment, our artisans and create products that are gentle for kids.


Handcrafted is love. Majority of our products are handmade by artists who love creating and thus sharing a piece of their soul with their creation.

Enchanting quality

Nothing but the best in terms of raw materials and craftsmanship.

Design led

Design and creativity at the heart of everything we do. Art inspires us.

Every object beautiful

Kids are naturally attracted to beautiful objects. It encourages them to learn more about them.

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