Future proofing our kids: empowering the next generation through the art of learning

Future proofing our kids: empowering the next generation through the art of learning

Future proofing our kids: empowering the next generation through the art of learning

There's a lot of talk these days about what kids should be learning, which schools are the best, and whether they should be involved in multiple activities like sports and learning different languages on top of excelling in their studies.

One reason for this intense focus on kids' education is that families have become smaller, and incomes have gone up. This means there's more money and attention available for each child compared to, let's say, twenty years ago.

The main goal behind all this attention on our kids' education and development is to set them up for success and self-sufficiency in the future. We want them to thrive and be able to take on whatever challenges life throws their way. It's a genuine desire to give our kids the best possible start in life.

 In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, the future holds countless uncertainties and challenges. We have no idea what the future holds with all these uncertainties and challenges. Technology is advancing, jobs are shifting, and global events are constantly happening. It's pretty clear that the old ways of education just won't cut it anymore when it comes to preparing our kids for what's to come.

As parents, educators, and guardians, we have a big responsibility on our shoulders. We need to make sure the next generation is ready for whatever the future throws at them. It's not just about memorizing facts and figures; we need to teach them how to be adaptable, creative, and always ready to learn new things.

Future-proofing kids

In essence, we want to future-proof our kids. Our insight is that we can achieve this by teaching our kids how to learn and how to learn better. The journey to learning how to learn will make use of some theories from neuroscience, some practical tidbits that have proven very effective, few toys that are genuinely toys and not the robots that play by themselves plus books that have known to enrich growing up experiences since centuries. The one common thread is going to be being mindful and thoughtful about what we are doing and why are we doing so. There won’t be a quantifiable output from this but you will end up teaching your kids to use their brains and use them efficiently. We will try to make it fun too.

Stay tuned for more bite sized information and do drop us notes via emails or comments on your experiences during this ride!

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